Award-Winning Digital Storytelling!

MemoryMiner is the award-winning Digital Storytelling application used to discover the threads connecting peoples’ lives across time and place. It lets you zero in on the stories depicted in your photos by linking them to each other based on people, places and time. Using simple drag and drop actions, you specify who is in the picture, where the picture was taken and when.

Drag and drop audio, video, URL's, etc as attachments onto your photos to add depth and context. Each photo thus becomes a frame in an endless storyboard which can be browsed by periods in a person’s life, where people overlap, by place, by time, or any combination. Create self-contained library documents to share with other MemoryMiner users, or export beautiful interactive web sites which can be automatically uploaded to your .Mac account or other web server. MemoryMiner also works beautifully with PulpMotion in order to create stunning video presentations suitable for web, DVD or iPod/iPhone.

MemoryMiner turns that dusty box of pictures in the attic into a trove of personal history that reveals long-forgotten memories. And that amorphous stockpile of digital camera output accumulating on your hard drive will snap into focus, allowing you to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Try before you buy:

MemoryMiner runs without restriction for 15 days. Give it a try: we think you'll be hooked.

Securely purchase a license code using the "Buy Now" link at the top of this page. You'll get the license code right away on the web page, with a copy sent to your email address.

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