Introducing MemoryMiner Web Services

GroupSmarts is proud to introduce the MemoryMiner Web Annotation Service, the first of several web services to be rolled out this year. The MemoryMiner Web Annotation service lets you compose and send secure, private messages from the MemoryMiner desktop application to friends and family asking them to fill in missing details about the people, places and events depicted in a set of photos.

The recipients receive an email message with a link to an easy to use web application giving details of the request (i.e specific questions, suggestions). For new users, an account is created automatically and the recipient sets their own password. From there, they are directed to an elegant, easy to use web application, where a large version of each photo is displayed as part of a form for the creation of text, place and person annotations for each photo in the set. As these annotations are created, the MemoryMiner desktop checks for new annotations, which are automatically downloaded.

The MemoryMiner Web Annotation Service is currently offered free of charge during a beta test phase for registered MemoryMiner users only. Version 1.5 is required to use this service, and is available to beta test users. To join the beta program, or for more information, please send email to