MemoryMiner 1.86 Released

Back with a quick maintenance update, MemoryMiner 1.86. This version has an important bug fix for the web export, to fix a problem where the Yahoo Maps portion wasn’t actually loading the map anymore. Oops. The fix involved switching to the “pure” HTML version of Yahoo Maps. As an added benefit, the maps load faster than the Flash version we had been using.

Also updated was the iMedia framework, which is what allows you to visually browse the contents of your photos, videos, music and web bookmarks. This version supports iPhoto Events, as well as sporting bug fixes and major speed improvements. The iMedia framework is one of the very best examples of the super high-quality open source code available to speed development. For more info on iMedia, visit

This upgrade is free of charge to all MemoryMiner users, and can be downloading from, or via the automatic update mechanism found within the MemoryMiner appliction (choose “Check for Updates” from the MemoryMiner menu).

And now, back to developing MemoryMiner 2.0.

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