Ask almost any indie Mac developer what the best thing about developing for the Mac is and they’ll tell you it’s the community of developers. I’ve found this to be the case ever since I started developing MemoryMiner back in 2005. In fact, there was a guy who named Justin Williams who early on gave excellent and thorough UI feedback, and put me in touch with Robert Anderson who helped me enormously early on. I couldn’t believe that he took so much time to help someone whom he’d never even met. Amazingly enough, he was hardly the only one to have helped me along the way (check the About MemoryMiner for this long list of people).

Fast forward almost five years, and the same Justin Williams has, in conjunction, with Garrett Murray put together an incredible project to raise money for the Haitian Earthquake relief efforts. The project is called Indie+Relief and the concept is simple: over 200 indie Mac and iPhone developers have agreed to donate a day’s worth of their sales to a variety of respected relief agencies.

I’m enormously happy to participate in this effort and so will be donating 100% of gross sales from MemoryMiner for 24 hours day starting midnight PST on Jan 20th. I’ll be making my donation to Doctors Without Borders whose work I greatly respect.

So, I invite everyone to visit Indie+Relief, buy some fantastic software, and in the process help ease the massive suffering going on right now in Haiti.

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