On sale in Japan

Happy Monday.

Last Friday, MemoryMiner went on sale in Japan through the well known publisher Act2. They publish Comic Life, the OmniGroup applications, iViewMedia Pro and many other well known and respected products, so I think we’re in good company. We’d been working together quite hard over the last few months preparing MemoryMiner for the Japanese market. My friend Ted wrote me by way of congratulations:

“Cool! Hopefully you’ll get to do a promo tour soon, and that can be the basis of “Lost in Translation 2: Memory Miner” Heck, with a title like that the movie practically writes itself, and you’ll get to hang out with Scarlet Johansen and Sofia Coppola…”

I think that’s a fantastic idea. Who among you can help me with this? Sofia, are you reading?

Meanwhile, here’s the URL for the product page on Act2’s site:



PS: I would be remiss in not mentioning the Holiday Sale on MemoryMiner:


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