Met Sinbad At Macworld

The highlight of Thursday at Macworld was meeting Sinbad, the comedian/actor who has been a fixture in the Mac community for years. I had just arrived on the show floor and was getting prepared for another day of demos, when I saw him behind me. Punk Kid hadn’t arrived yet (and was given a savage beating later on for his tardiness) so it was all me. I yelled out “Sinbad, you’ve got to see this!” He came by, and I gave him a demo chock full of “how cool is that?!”

A lot of Sinbad’s comedy routines involve everyday family life, so he got a kick out of the remote annotation feature that we just added, which, as I demonstrated, allows you to let other people provide details about the “backstory.”. The example I used were some old snapshots of my brother giving me the “evil eye” when I was just two days old.

We talked about the different ways MemoryMiner is being used in schools, and I also showed him some other examples, including one for a user who created a story about her dad’s life as a musician. He looked at one of the pictures and said “I know that cat!”

Small world indeed.

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