MemoryMiner on TWiT

Still catching up with the posts I should have made during the week, but better late than never.

On Thursday, Merlin Mann (of That Phone Guy fame) and crew came by our booth to film a segment on MemoryMiner for the very amusing MacBreak program on TWiT (This Week in Tech). I’d heard of Merlin before, but never met him in person. He’s a riot. Halfway through the filming, it was noticed that the wireless mic battery died, so we had to reshoot a portion of it.

You can download the segment here:

2 Responses to “MemoryMiner on TWiT”

  1. StuFF mc Says:

    That is probably the reason why I’m gonna stick to a cable :) This is my biiig problem with everything wireless :( These things should have two batteries, because if I get to interview Steve Jobs (or, let’s say, you John !), this is very unprofessional to have to say “Oh sh..t, we have to redo it”. That said, I had one time to reshoot a COMPLETE interview (actually 2) because for a reason we still don’t know, the camcorder did not recorded ANYTHING on the tape, altough it said “recording”. To reassure all the folks we interviewed during the MacWorld, this was during the Apple Expo in Paris ! I watched this interview John, you and PunkKid were GREAT ! Sorry for not having had the time to come at your booth, but hey! You’ve got TwiT, this makes me sooo proud of having you in my Sponsor’s list in the past !

  2. Katie Berryhill Says:

    Merlin asked on his site for any suggestions about developers he should talk to at MacWorld, so I told him about you. :-)

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