Hunkered Down

Hello. Just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that my colleagues and I are busy busy busy fixing bugs, writing documentation, and generally preparing for the commercial release of MemoryMiner at MacWorld coming up this January. When I get a little breather, I’ll make good on my promise to blog about the inspirations behind MemoryMiner.

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  1. peter higgs Says:

    John, Congratulations on a great v1.0. The feature set is fantastic and what I have been looking for for ages. And of course when you find a tool that really fits you want it to do more: controlclick to select multiple address, control click to select multiple folders to synchronise to,. But bigest wish of all is ot synchronise (read from and write to) the GED files of applications such as MacFamilyTree: being able to read Parties and relationships as well as event would save so much effort and ensure consistency. Writing back the media (and regions) would substantial; enhance the Family tree as well. A bundle (and trial) deal of both apps could help grow the audience for both customers.
    Thanks for the great effort. Peter

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