MemoryMiner for Windows Released!

It’s been a long and very winding road, but MemoryMiner for Windows is now shipping! Hoorah! As you may know, there is a strong long term vision for a MemoryMiner platform. We’ve had great success with the Mac version, and from the first time we ever showed it to the public people have asked for a Windows version.

Ladies and Gentlemen, at long last, here it is:

The landing page has everything you need: captioned screen grabs, download links (to get it with or without .NET), screen movies, a nice description of what it does, and most importantly, a “Buy Now” button with a nice introductory price of $30.

Being that Thanksgiving is upon us I must thank Nicolas (our resident annoying Frenchmen) for the amazing job he did. Creating powerful, elegant software is an enormous challenge, and I think we’re off to an incredible start. Thanks also to “Jake Blues” (aka Hapgood) for all he did to shephard this release along.

Off to Chapel Hill with wife and child. Crooks Corner, Dips, Barbecue Joint and Allen and Sons here we come!

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