In Jury Duty, Still Making Great Progress

I’m sitting here in the Jury Waiting Room, which in San Francisco, is in a pretty schwanky place with sturdy wooden chairs and desks with power and free WiFi. Not too shabby.

Meanwhile, I’ve been making a lot of progress over the last few weeks, doing lots of polish to the app, as well adding the ability to publish and continually update Flickr sets. This comes a direct result of the work with Magnes and the Memory Lab. Here’s a great post about the lab:

This week, I’m really diving into using the Cappuccino Framework to make an even more sophisticated web export template (the 280 Slides app is an example of the level of polish possible). For a while now, the MM 2.0 alpha release has had the ability to load different web templates.

We’re getting fairly close to our first beta release, but there’s still a significant amount of work needed to overhaul the graphical relationship view which show the connections between people.

Good things take time.

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  1. Perian Says:

    Hi John:

    Yes, good things do take time, but I’ve been continually impressed by your turnaround on some things!

    Anyway, I’m in DC for the week, attending the Museum Computer Network conference. I’m really looking forward to chatting about the project, not only with Ari, but with anyone who’ll listen! Another friend of mine, who works at the National Gallery of Art, was really interested in MemoryMiner as well. It would be great to get a consortium of institutions using this thing. I’m very excited to see where it takes off.

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