In Sunny Hollywood

I’m in sunny Hollywood attending the Henry Stewart DAM Conference. It’s been fun to re-connect with the people in an industry in which I was so deeply involved. At its core, MemoryMiner is a DAM, so it’s easy to talk about the technical aspects of the software with these folks.

Later this morning, I’ll be on a panel discussing the use of Adobe XMP. There’s a major effort among the major industry players (e.g. Apple, Canon, Microsoft, Adobe, Nokia, etc.) to come up with a new, unified standard for embedded metadata in digital photos.

Naturally, this is something I care about, a lot. Tomorrow, there’s a meeting of the Metadata Working Group, which I’ll also be attending. With some luck, a standard will emerge for dealing with “regions of interest” within a photo, document or video. Who knows, maybe the work I’ve done creating an annotation namespace for XMP and RSS will serve as the basis of this standard.

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