Coworking In Sunny Carrboro

I’ve been “back home” in Chapel Hill, NC with my wife and child for the last week. I love coming back to Chapel Hill, the town where I mis-spent my adolescence. In addition to stuffing my face with biscuits and barbecue I’ve been able to take note of how incredibly hip Carroboro has become.

How hip? It has the first co-working facility in NC, a place called Carrboro Creative Coworking which, let me tell you, is many many notches above the Hat Factory in San Francisco where I normally toil. No offense to the good folks who created the Hat Factory (a true pioneer), they simply didn’t have the benefit of the truly forward thinking economic development policies that Carrboro has in place.

For many years now Carrboro has been referred to as the “Paris of the Piedmont,” but all kidding aside, it’s an amazing place from which many other American cities, big and small, could learn a thing or two.

And now, back to Objective-J and Cappuccino.

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  1. BrianR Says:

    Thanks for coming by John. Please visit again. BTW – I really appreciate the kind words about a town I love.

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