Quantified Self Meetup

Last week, I gave a quick MemoryMiner demo at a meetup of the Quantified Self. This is a group of super-smart technologists, designers, writers, and the like, who recently formed and meet once a month. This time it was at IDEO’s San Francisco office, which is a really cool space in one of the old San Francisco piers.

I was pretty damn nervous about trying to present MemoryMiner in 5 minutes, but somehow managed. It was very well received: I had a number of people seek me out, and even some offers of help and support (including design help for some of the tricky time/place correlations I’ve been struggling with). The whole thing was recorded, but I haven’t seen the video yet, so I thought I’d post a video of my presentation at the Los Angeles Idea Project from this past June:

John Fox, Memory Miner LA-IP 2008 from LA-IP on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “Quantified Self Meetup”

  1. harry Says:

    neat video.. i’m wondering if Quantified Self is anything like TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design)? I’ve seen some pretty neat videos come out of the TED meetings…

  2. John Fox Says:

    Hi Harry:

    Thanks for the kind words. The Quantified Self meet up had a feel similar to Foo Camp in that everything was short and sweet and everyone had a chance to present. The LA IP conference was like a mini TED conference, in fact, it used to be called TED LA, since it was kind of a “reunion” in LA for people who attend TED.

    In any event, I’m looking forward to the next meet up.


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