Two weeks to MacWorld 2006

Greetings from Perugia, Italy, home town of my lovely wife. We’ve been spending the holidays with our child who is having a ball with all his cousins. You gotta love Italy: the food, the art, the Etruscan towns. Here you live.

Work, that’s a little bit tricker. In order to keep chipping away at the million items on my to-do list, I’ve been using the apartment of a friend of the family which has a WiFi connection.

I try not to look too often at the calendar (lest I realize that there’s exactly two weeks before MacWorld), and the commercial debut of MemoryMiner. For those of you planning on attending, our 2 meter “pod” will be booth # 113. I’m hoping to put a bunch of faces to the names of the growing “friends of MemoryMiner”.

Meanwhile, it’s time to make some more coffee…

2 Responses to “Two weeks to MacWorld 2006”

  1. Marco Bambini Says:

    Nice to see that you like Italy.
    Have good days here.

    P.S. You have had a really great idea with MemoryMiner.

  2. Tony Jensen Says:

    John, grab that coffee and whatever other source of caffeine you can find. I am looking forward to great things for MemoryMiner during and after MacWorld.

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