Sprint to the Finish

I’m sitting here at Kennedy airport, waiting for the flight back to Oakland, cooling my jets by the Famiglia Pizzeria stand. As it turns out, they have supplied slices-a-plenty to many a movie star. A wall of signed head shots bears witness. Adam Sandler, Ahhnold, Rudy Giuliani, and several others stare down at me while I’m eating the sandwich I bought at Zabars this morning. The sable, Nova, sturgeon and H&H bagels are all safely stashed in my checked bags.

Meanwhile, it’s now less than one week to Macworld, and there are still so many details to tend to: booth signage, postcards, figuring out how to mount the demo monitor, PR schedule… What else? Oh yeah, the software! The XML/Media export is now working, and the “Punk Kid/Punk Mommy/Annoying Frenchman” team is busily working on what I’m hoping will be the “icing on the cake” feature. And not a second too soon.

It’s going to be down to the wire, but we’re going to make it, and it’s going to be great.

Mark my words.

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