Here at Macworld (Booth # 113)

Who needs sleep? After a few late nights, things have finally come together for the 1.0 launch of MemoryMiner here at Macworld. The disk image has been uploaded, a new demo screen movie made, and the last tweaks to the web page are going up now.

And so, with 20 minutes left to go before the show floor opens, I’m downing my last sips of coffee, setting up all the demos, and generally feeling great.

Thanks to all who responded to my various appeals to “light candles, burn incense, rub the Buddha belly, etc.” I think we’re going to have a great show.

2 Responses to “Here at Macworld (Booth # 113)”

  1. Charles Roberson Says:

    I saw your product today at MacWorld and it was one of the most innovative products I’ve seen in a long time. I truly solves a problem that we all have. I might finally be able to manage all those photos I have now. Good luck — Apple needs to integrate this into iPhoto!!!

  2. Kjell Frick Says:

    I read about and bought your product yesterday. The idea is great and would help me get some metastructure into my old scanned family photos but you quickly need to address some stability issues. I have crashes when I import photos. Lots of crashes. A help file would also be very welcome, the video is ok but I prefer to read. Well, I guess MemoryMiner will get better – there is a lot of potential in this software!
    Kjell Frick

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