We Won Best of Show: Now, Back to Work

By now, many of our readers know that MemoryMiner was awarded Best of Show (along with 13 other products) at Macworld San Francisco. Receiving this award was a tremendous surprise for which we were all grateful. On the show floor, the Macworld magazine editors came by with the sign, followed by cameramen. A small crowd ensued, and the whole thing was a bit like the “Publisher’s Clearinghouse” commercials where Ed McMahon (a famous American TV personality) shows up with a film crew to announce to some sleepy housewife that she’s just won a million dollars.

Now that the weekend has come, my colleagues and I can get a little rest, but then it’s back to work. There are bugs to fix, documentation and examples to create, and tons of followup from the show. I’m personally ecstatic for the great launch we had, and I’m ever mindful that what really matters is that we continue to earn people’s trust every day by delivering on our promises.

So, with that thought in mind, I give thanks to everyone who helped us launch our product, and even more thanks to our first customers.

We won’t let you down.

2 Responses to “We Won Best of Show: Now, Back to Work”

  1. Pat Buckna Says:

    Nice to have this when you’re jsut out of the gate. I’m looking forward to the next enhancements and am already compiling a list. First up: Quicktime export of screen shows and webpage creator. The XML is nice, but..

    enjoy your rest, you’ve earned it.

  2. David Rostenne Says:

    Nice job guys! There’s a nice surprise, eh? Well.. I think you deserved it, many times over!

    I am biased though, having helped beta test MemorMiner I know how much work you put into it.



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