Post Macworld Followup

It’s been a busy week since Macworld, and what’s clear to me is that the real work has just begun. I’ve been in touch with lots of customers, lots of potential partners, and some really kind folks at Apple. On Saturday morning, I rose at 4 AM in order to go to a meeting of the Southern California Adobe Technical Exchange of Southern California. Rick and Lynette were extremely kind to greet me at the airport, and true to my “rock star demands” a single latte was waiting for me when I walked out of the terminal. My presentation was extremely well received, which is always heartening. Numerous people came up afterwards with kind words and suggestions. User Groups are the best, and I’m peronally hoping to be able to visit as many as I can. If you’re reading this and in a User Group, get in touch: we’re happy to support you with raffle copies, and when possible, in-person presentations.

Other interesting news for this week, I was pleased to receive a Danish translation of the software (thanks Preben), which along with the French version (thanks Baptiste) we’re off to a good start to make MemoryMiner global. A nice fellow from Japan wrote to express interest in a Japanese version, so we’re going to pursue that as well. Anyone out there want to help with a German or Italian or Spanish translation?

Tomorrow, it’s off to Apple so that the Universal Binary version can be created and tested on a wide variety of machines to make sure everything’s happy there. I don’t expect any problems, so look for a 1.01 release that’s Universal, and fixes some bugs found by our first users. Also for this coming week, we’ll be turning to the building of our Community pages, which I think will be a great place for people to share their work and show some different ways of using MemoryMiner beyond the obvious one for personal stories.

Finally, a big Thank You to CocoaRadio who interviewed me at Macworld. If you’re not familiar with CocoaRadio, you really have to check them out. While the focus is more towards developers, the Podcasts they produce tell some really great inside stories about your favorite Indie Mac software. If you love Indie media as much as I do, please support them by listening, spreading the word, and by making a Paypal donation. You’d be amazed at what a difference it makes to the people who do such amazing work.

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