Universal, Baby!

I spent a few days this past week down at Apple headquarters in Cupertino making MemoryMiner a Universal Binary. Version 1.02 is now availlable as a free upgrade to our users, and I can say I’m really impressed by its performance on the new Intel Macs. I simply must have a new MacBook (my apologies to the faithful PowerBook G4 I’m typing this on: please know that I’ll always love you).

Many thanks to Larry and Matthew for their patient help during the lab, and to the sushi chef at Apple’s cafeteria for some very fine lunches. Yup, that’s right, Apple employees benefit from a master sushi chef, and they can even get soba that is made on the premises. How cool is that?

2 Responses to “Universal, Baby!”

  1. Terry Piper Says:

    Would you say that a large part of the performance was due to the speed of the apple apps such as iPhoto supplying the photos to MemoryMiner? The reason I ask was that I was wondering what parts of MemoryMiner features benefit from the new Mac’s.

  2. John Fox Says:

    Hi Terry:

    We read data from the iPhoto library, so iPhoto is a source for photos for our applications, but not necessarily the only source. The speed increase is due, in part because you’ve got two processors, and really fast graphics cards, so that virtually all aspects of the dispay are hardware accelerated, which is not necessarily the case with older Mac models.

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