Localization Redux

Of course, I had to resist the urge to use “Part Deux” in this post’s title. Things are progressing nicely on the localization front. Thanks to Marco, we now have Italian. Grazie mille!

The most amusing part about doing localization is becoming more aware of cultural differences. For example, no one seems to have a good translation in French for the term “Stepmother.” I’m pretty sure the divorce rate is as high in France as in any other industrialized country. I suppose what this means is that after marrying a second time, there’s no attempt made to assume the role of alternate or supplemental mother. Of course, this is just my guess.

A free croissant from Tartine (winner must live in San Francisco) to the first person who can help explain this.

3 Responses to “Localization Redux”

  1. Christian Hessmann Says:


    according to my french mother-in-law, it’s the same as mother-in-law: belle-mère.
    No explanation to this, though, sorry.

  2. Aunt Suzie Says:

    Well the answer is “marâtre” which is what I am. Has built in connotations of “wicked” step mother.

  3. Uncle Teddy Says:

    I think that both are correct — but why did you ever hesitate about belle-mère in the first place? In Bulgarian there is no step father, but step mother has a similar flavor to the French marâtre — мащеха (mashteha — the wicked is built in).

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