MemoryMiner at Two Months

MemoryMiner shipped 1.0 exactly two months ago today, so I figure now’s as good a time as any to take stock. Releasing a new product, especially one with such a “grand vision” as we have here is always a bit nerve wracking: kind of like sending your child off to school for the first time. Now with 1.04 out the door, I’m pleased to report that in just 60 days, we’ve come a long way, and there’s still so much left to do.

I have to say I’m absolutely thrilled with the localizations. I cannot thank the people that worked on this project enough, so here goes once more. Heartfelt thanks to Baptiste, Marco, Frank, Christina, Preben, Knud, Skipper, Dave and David for creating and editing localizations in French, German, Italian, Danish, Traditional Chinese and Japanese. I never imagined that users would volunteer their time in such a way. Doubtless, we’ll have to adjust things a little in upcoming releases, but we’re clearly off to a great start.

So now, back to work on the next version: among other things, we’ll pick up where we left off on things like GEDCOM import that weren’t able to be added in this release.

Keep the feedback and stories coming.

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