Prior to creating MemoryMiner, I was co-founder and CTO of a company called WebWare (we made Digital Asset Management software). One of the most interesting projects we ever worked on was the America 24/7 book, info about which can be found here:

From a technical perspective, a big trick to making this project work was the consitent use of metadata (descriptive information) which was embedded in the digital photo files themselves. Software that knows how to make use of that embedded metadata can do many useful things. Digital cameras embed technical information such as when a photo was taken, and if a flash was used. We already take advantage of this. Software such as iView Media Pro, or Adobe’s Bridge can be used to embed metadata about what’s going on in the photo or media, such as captions, where a photo was taken, etc.

I’m pleased to say that the initial engineering work to make use of embedded metadata in MemoryMiner is now complete, and it’s really cool. If you’ve taken the time to add metadata to your photos, we’ll do interesting and useful things with it in our 1.1 release.

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