MemoryMiner Goes to Carelton College

Back in February I came across a very flattering blog by a professor named John Schott at Carleton College in sunny Minnesota:

I was quite flattered, and wrote to thank him for the kind words. Some very interesting conversations ensued, and as a result, I was invited to come to Carleton on April 18 to do a public event, and hold a series of workshops with students in his “We Media” program. As part of their studies, they will be visiting several cities and use their media production skills in a number of documentary and performance projects that sound fascinating. We’re looking into how we can put MemoryMiner to good use in this study program, and I’m confident some really interesting things will emerge.

Here’s an interview with Professor Schott:

Looks like April will be a really great month, and I ain’t foolin’!

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