MemoryMiner 1.1, Finally!

Well, it took longer than we had all hoped, but MemoryMiner 1.1 is finally shipping. We added some fantastic new features, made plenty of enhancements, and of course fixed bugs. We even added a new localization in Portuguese. We’ve also been busy revamping the web site with new sections on how people are using the appliation.

Our online help center features a new quickstart guide in both Flash (view in your web broswer) format and PDF (download, then view and/or print). Another new section is our Video Gallery which has a series of screen movies showing what’s new in version 1.1:

Existing users can get the update automatically by choosing “Check for Updates” in the MemoryMiner Menu. Otherwise, if you’re new to MemoryMiner, just visit our downloads page:

And now, back to work.

PS Happy Bastille Day!

3 Responses to “MemoryMiner 1.1, Finally!”

  1. Dan Wood Says:


  2. Reg Says:

    I’m very interested in purchasing this software. I wonder though because when i purchase it, it says 60 and yet on the news section of this site, it says that it costs 45 for new users. please advise. thanks.

  3. John Fox Says:

    Hi Reg:

    Thanks for posting.

    To get MemoryMiner at US $45, please use this coupon code at our Web Store


    You’ll see the discount applied after you click on the “Checkout” button.

    If you run into any trouble, please send email to and a friendly human being will be in touch right away.



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