Head-butt butt-head?

That was quite the interesting game. I watched it with a few thousand of my closest friends in Dolores Park in San Francisco: a nail-biter to the end. While of course I’m happy that Italy won, I can’t help but feel sorry for Zidane, who will surely have to deal with his head butt being being treated as the defining moment of his career.

A real bum-mer, no?

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  1. StuFF mc Says:

    No excuses for Zidanne, you can’t react like that, especially when you have kids… But… Did you asked yourself what Matterazzi said ? I tought Zidanne had over reacted, but it seems (to be confirmed) the Italian guy said something really unacceptable… Plus, and I did not knew that (see how I’m good in Soccer…), it seems Matterazzi is well know in Italy for being more of a bucher than a player :(

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