Few things would make me miss the beginning of the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s season. But with an Italian wife (currently in Rome with our son while I stay home and “scrub the kitchen floor”) how could I not have been glued to the TV?

What an unbelievable game.

Back to the coal mine.

4 Responses to “Italia!!!!!!”

  1. Marco Bambini Says:

    Eh eh … now we need to win one more match :-)

  2. Henry Oddie Says:

    Well, I suppose this what journalists call the silly season!. As for the chores…. condolences, scrubber!

  3. StuFF mc Says:

    My mother is french but I’m not french, I was borned and raised in Belgium… Still… French… France…. 70% (if not more) of my listeners are French citizens… I live and Germany, my wife and daughter are Germans… I’m spanish… I guess I definetly CANNOT be for Italy this Sunday :) But.. even tough my heart will go with France, I do think Italiy will win, probably a simple 1:0 or 2:0… Even tough France has a wonderfull team (Riberry, Zidanne, Vierra, …), Italy is hiiiiighly motivated, AND has, for me, the best gool keeper of this World Cup… Hey John, c’est pour quand la 1.1 ? :)

  4. StuFF mc Says:

    Oops… I meant “My mother tongue is french”, not my mother, who, like my father, brother, grand parents, … is Spanish :) Born in Cordoba :)

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