MemoryMiner 1.2 Out the Door

Yup, we did it: MemoryMiner 1.2 is out the door. I think this one’s cool for a couple of reasons: the integration with Google Maps (testers really seem to have loved this feature) and the new, improved MemoryMiner web viewer that’s based on HTML and CSS. With Google Maps, you get pan and zoomable maps, complete with satellite imagery and a marker that lets you set the precise location.

The web viewer is a pretty clever use of so-called “AJAX” techniques for web development. Some people have asked why we switched from using Flash. The main reason is that it’s now much easier for for third-parties to create their own tweaks to the look and feel of MemoryMiner exports. You can now modify the css file and have complete control over the typography, layout and colors.

As always, a complete list of new features and other changes in version 1.2 can be found at this URL (RSS feed with attached screen grabs):

MemoryMiner 1.2 update feed

And now, it’s time for din-din…

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