Where have I been?

It’s been nearly two months since making a single post. Any good excuses? How ’bout that I’ve been in Italy since June 19th. Yup, down on the farm in Sanfatucchio (near Castiglione del Lago) where my wife’s dad had a small cattle farm. Sadly, he passed way in March, and the farm, with cattle, will be passed on to a recovery community that was started on some adjacent land a few years back. They do amazing work, and we were deeply touched by the stories we were told of the people living and working there.

Aside from my duties as dad (now “babbo” since my son refuses to speak a word of English to me), I’ve managed to get a fair amount of work done, not the least of which has been laying the foundation for the next release of MemoryMiner. Over the last few days I’ve scanned over 500 old photos, and going through the process has gotten my creative juices flowing again in a big way.

I got to spend a few days with Nicolas in Nice: we created some nice screen movies for the Windows version (yup it’s real, and it’s frickin’ awesome). We also made some silly videos, one of which I uploaded to YouTube. I believe it’s made it into in the top 10 least-viewed videos.

At any rate, tomorrow it will be time to play the “three planes, 6 suitcases, and a 3 1/2 year old in need of amusement” game. Can’t wait.

More posts when I return stateside.

PS Another good excuse for the lack of posts: no ADSL connection was available out here in the country. My main internet access has been through a 3G cell phone using the brilliant, (though rather pricey) “launch2net” software. The good: near broadband speeds for only 9 Euro a month, the bad: only 50 MB of data transfer before you pay through the nose.

PPS Proof that my wife doesn’t love me: not once was I allowed to purchase this undoubtedly fantastic frozen pizza:

Photo of amazing but true frozen pizza for sale in Italy

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