MemoryMiner 1.52 Out The Door

No rest for the weary. MemoryMiner 1.52 has just been uploaded as a disk image, and made avaialable via the Sparkle AppCast mechanism that’s been built into the application for some time. Many thanks to Olivia for helping track down a problem with importing from iPhoto libraries whos photos are stored outside the iPhoto Library folder. Huge thanks as well to Cyril and Ronald for help with fixing the French localization, and to Fernando for help with the Spanish localization.

Full details are avaialable from this RSS feed:

Maintaining all these localizations is no small task, as I’ve written about several times. I have to say though, that I’m thrilled that people in the comunity have been willing to help with this.

Next week, is Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference here in “sunny” (Ha!) San Francisco. Can’t wait to reconnect with colleagues, and see what goodness Apple has to offer (iPhone SDK, please please please).

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