MemoryMiner & PulpMotion

MemoryMiner 1.6 went out the door today, and I’m really happy. The most exciting thing is the tight intergration with PulpMotion, the awesome video animation software from Aquafadas. I first met them at Macworld this past January. We had instant rapport since it was so obvious how complimentary our apps are. Things got busy for both of us, and we didn’t get started until WWDC back in June. I created a prototype plugin and tester application that demonstrated how to read MemoryMiner libraries, browse by People and Place, and how to get at all the annotations available for a photo. Matthieu went back to France, I went to Italy and we corresponded a bit.

In the last month or so, things really started cooking. When I first got my hands on the Slide Flyover theme and applied it to some of the oldest photos in my collection I fell in love. It’s simply amazing what you can see in a photo when you can intelligently pan and zoom around the people in the photo, especially when you have appropriate labels and tasteful soft focus around the rest of the photo. I showed it at the BMUG meeting, and the crowd loved it.

I’ll be working on creating a new screen movie and a sample or two in the next few days.

Back to the grindstone.

PS For a look at what’s new in v 1.6 have a look at the AppCast here:

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