Ode to Joy: Riding a Bike to Work

Last month, I started doing my development work in a “co-working” facility called the “Hat Factory”, which is located in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. To get there, I ride my bike, and I can’t say enough what a positive impact it has on my day. Aside from the great exercise, I particularly enjoy the smells: wild fennel (by a construction site), beer (Anchor Steam Brewery), grilled meats (a place on 24th called the “Mexicatessen”), and the like. Now there’s an idea for a Google Mashup: “Food Smells of San Francisco.”

Why should you care? A happy start to my day makes for better application development, particulary now that I’m pretty deep into Core Animation, which is surely the coolest part of the upcoming release of OS X “Leopard.”

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