iMedia Standalone Browser Now Available

Last summer, I was interviewed in a Brazilian magazine about why I like developing for the Mac platform, and one of the principal reasons I gave is the helpfulness of the community of Mac developers. I mentioned that you could look in the credits of nearly any indie software and see mentions of the various open source code that were used. One of the very best freely available frameworks is called iMedia Browser: it lets you visually browse the contents of your “iLife” media colleciton (i.e. movies, photos, music, bookmarks, etc.) then drag and drop media files virtually anywwhere.

As you can imagine, for an application like MemoryMiner, such functionality is critical. For many other excellent applicitons, this is the case as well. Today, the good folks at Karelia (makers of the awesome SandVox web site creation app) have released a standalone version of the media browser which is available free of charge. How cool is that?

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this project, it really is a stunning example of why the Mac developer community is so strong. Remember that a stong developer community means great apps, which in turn makes using a Mac so much fun.

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