Macworld Followup

Macworld was another huge success for us. Our humble little 2 meter pod had slick signage (thanks Kathryn), our postcards looked great, we had steady traffic throughout the show, and met tons of existing/new users. I personally love doing demos, and it was very satisfying to still see peoples’ jaw drop when they see MemoryMiner for the first time.

Now that MemoryMiner has been shipping for two years, I’m feeling really good. Man, we’ve come a long way: MemoryMiner works really well with a bunch of different desktop apps, data formats and the web. Having the Windows version also changes the game completely. Some people wondered why we would have a Windows laptop, (and many made fun of Chris’ tablet, some dubbing it the “No Child Left Behind” computer). However, it usually only took a few moments to appreciate the value of the platform that we’re building. We now have Mac, Windows, Web, and you can be sure we’ll do some extremely clever things with the iPhone SDK the second we get our hands on it.

2008 is off to a brilliant start.

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