MemoryMiner 1.8 Released

Readers of this blog who have been sending panicked emails wondering if Chris and I survived can rest easy. We made it to Macworld 1.8 in hand, and were slammed all day at our booth.

The new version has been extremely well-received, especially with the new Flickr Upload plugin.

Here’s the RSS feed with details of what’s new:

As always, a great way to learn about MemoryMiner is our landing page, found here:

3 Responses to “MemoryMiner 1.8 Released”

  1. Skip Harris Says:

    Just downloaded MM 1.8 – was happy to see the Flickr Upload plugin. Also being able to access my Lightroom libraries directly was great, no longer have to play the “export to jpg import to iPhoto game”.

    Great application, thanks … Skip

  2. Skip Harris Says:

    Gave you some kudos yesterday and I am not going to take them back. However, (you knew there would be a however) when utilizing photos from Lightroom libraries none of the Lightroom adjustments are applied. Is this not possible? Please tell me this is possible.

    Regardless still a great application … Skip

  3. John Fox Says:

    Hi Skip:

    Thanks for the kind words, and no worries about the “however.” I’m not certain what you mean about Lightroom adjustments. Please email support at memoryminer dot com and we can follow up.


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