Version 1.85 for Mac Out the Door!

I recently posted about some work I did in creating a mechanism for automatic keyword to people/place mapping in MemoryMiner. I’m happy to report that the fruits of this collaborative work with a German user named Marco is now available. He had written to us earlier and essentially said “I love your product, but before I do anything with my photos, they go in Adobe Lightroom, and I do a lot of key-wording in order to indicate who’s in the picture and where it was taken. I’m much too lazy to have to do the same type of work again in MemoryMiner.”

Well, Marco is now a happy camper, and I believe a lot of other people will be as well. A continuous design goal of MemoryMiner is to make sure it “plays well with others” (a quality I want for my 4 year old son as well). There’s a screen movie that shows off this new feature here:

A full list of new features and improvements can be found here:

And as always, the best place to a complete set of information in one place (screen grabs, videos, download and purchase links) can be found here:

This is a free upgrade for all registered users. You can get it just by clicking “Check for Updates” in the MemoryMiner application menu. Alternatively, download the disk image from here:

Download MemoryMiner 1.85 for Mac

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