Live from Sunny Nice: Version 1.1 for Windows!

When MemoryMiner for Windows was released last November, it was a huge deal for us. As with any 1.0 release, one always wishes one had more time to tweak this or that before shipping the very first version of something that you’ve been working on for a long time.

With this thought in mind, we proudly present MemoryMiner v 1.1 for Windows. The most visible change is a very sophisticated library exchange mechanism. In the File menu, you now have two new menu items, namely Import and Export which, d’uh, let you do just that: import and export selected portions of your library. In both cases, the file format (.mlz) is a single file (which is actually a zip file) containing the database, all the photo files, all the thumbnails, and any attachments. Because it’s a single file, it’s easy to transfer (by attaching to an email message, or using file transfer services such as Pando. This format is of course compatible with the Mac version of MemoryMiner, and so is a great way to share work among family and friends.

What’s so cool about the export side is that you can optionally scale the photos, which means the resulting library file can be made much smaller than if you included the full size image. What’s even cooler about the import side is that you can intelligently merge the contents of one library with another, with full control of handling duplicate people and places.

You can see how the import/export mechanism works in these two screen movies (Quicktime required):

Mac to Windows Library Exchange

Windows to Mac Library Exchange

This release is a free upgrade for all MemoryMiner Windows users, and is available at these URLs:

Installer for MemoryMiner only
Installer for MemoryMiner which includes .NET 3.0 framework

As always, the best place to learn all about MemoryMiner for Window is here:

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