Stupid Pet Tricks with iPhone?

I was invited back to participate in a roundtable discussion on the MacSB podcast. We talked about WWDC, the iPhone SDK, and the general stuff of being an indie Mac developer. I love doing these things, because the conversation always sparks ideas, and the participants are a great bunch of guys.

I’ve been pretty heads down with the iPhone SDK since it’s come out, and of course it’s easy to imagine any number of “stupid pet tricks” with the iPhone. I once heard Tom Wolfe talk about writing his very popular (in the 80’s) book entitled “Bonfire of the Vanities.” He said that he tried hard to imagine the most audacious financial transactions, but that no matter how insane a single-transaction profit or loss he would commit to paper, it would pale in comparison with the headlines in the following day’s newspaper.

I think it’s the same with iPhone apps. While on the podcast, I imagined something that would use the accelerometer to know in which direction you might be falling, and the location tracking to know if you’re on a bridge, or the edge of a cliff, in which case an instant message would be sent saying “dude, you’re falling in a really bad place.”

Give a listen to the podcast here:

MDR006: WWDC & The iPhone SDK

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