MemoryMiner and RSS

I’ve been quite engrossed in the last few days converting MemoryMiner’s current XML output into RSS. Doing so will have numerous benefits, not the least of which is the fact that so many applications and services understand RSS. Getting basic RSS to work is pretty trivial, but since MemoryMiner lets you add a lot of metadata to your photos, there have been some challenges.

The Yahoo media namespace ( handles the basics for the photos themselves (i.e. captions, title, thumbnails). GeoRSS ( is nice for indicating a geographic location for an item, but sadly, doesn’t let you specify a human friendly name for a place!

There are a number of ways of encoding people (e.g. FOAF), but seem way to involved for what we want to do.

What about selection markers, and attachments? I searched high and low for anybody dealing with this, but didn’t find anything that lets me do what I want. I remember fotonotes ( which seemed so promising, but is not quite right.

So, it’s time to create our own name space. Here’s a work in progress example feed from MemoryMiner:

Still lots of work to do, but a pretty good start.

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